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Travel to Namibia

Here we list general information about our country, however, bear in mind that you will receive a detailed travel guide from BRinK before your arrival in Namibia.

Namibia is a dry country, with about 2 million inhabitants only. Namibia has the famous Namib Desert along its Westcoast, in the East, bordering to Botswana there is the Kalahari Desert, arid savanna, where our study site is situated. The North of Namibia has fertile ground for agriculture, border to Angola and Namibias Caprivi Strip belongs to its wildest area bordering to the Okavango Delta. The South of Namibia is lonely and dry; the Fishriver Canyon is representative for the beauty of the southern landscape.

Upon your arrival in Namibia, you will be picked up from your accomodation in Windhoek, the capital, or directly from the international airport, organised by us. 160km one-way gravel road takes us about 2.5 hours to the reserve, Kuzikus.

In Kuzikus, you will be staying at the BRinK bush and research camp . Tents are spacious and comfortable, equiped with beds, bedding and personal washing facilities. It is important that you are able to sleep well and eat well during your stay in Kuzikus.

All food and non-alkoholic drink is provided by us for your entire stay. Remember that shopping for food needs to be done in Windhoek, 160km away from camp. Fresh vegetables comes from Windhoek, all meat is provided by Kuzikus itself, being a game farm. Therefore you have the opportunity to taste meat of different free-living antelopes. Water is pump via solar fresh from the ground.

In Kuzikus, no malaria or other tropical diseases are prevalent, so you will only require the usual injections. Please do bring your personal first aid kit, however, and do let us know about any allergies you have.

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