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What to Pack?
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What to Pack?
Safety is priority. You MUST have your own travel and health ensurance, as BRinK cannot be held responsible for any accident. On site we go through a risk assessment, important for you to learn about the potential dangers and how to deal with them. Animals will not attack, only as a last resort, in self defence if threatened. For your safety, we will tell you how to behave in the bush, be aware and what precautions to take.

What is provided?

  • more than 10,000ha study site of dryland savanna (Kalahari Desert)
  • Experienced field biologists for help and guidance
  • Equipment for fieldwork and data analysis
  • Four large tents for sleeping (two per tent) with beds and matrasses, pillows and thin blankets
  • All food and drink for your entire research stay, crockery and cooking material
  • Petroleum lamps and candles
  • Kitchen tent with gas stove and fridge
  • Wind-proof building for lab and computing work
  • Washing facilities for clothes and dishes
  • Personal washing facilities installed at the back of each sleeping tent and two drop-down toilets in camp
  • Basic first aid
  • 4x4 vehicle and petrol

Recommended field guides:

What you should bring:

  • Warm sleeping bag (in winter it can get -18°C at night! )
  • Camouflage, beige and dark coloured clothing for field work and suitable in hot weather
  • Nice clothes for public awareness work and presentations
  • Waterproofs and high ankle walking shoes
  • Personal first aid
  • High factor suncream: Note that the reserve is 1300 asl.
  • Biodegradable wash for body, clothes and hair
  • Headtorch
  • Gaiters to avoid grass coming in your shoes
  • We recommend: Camera, personal binoculars, ipod/mp3, wind-up or solar powered electricals, rechargeable batteries
  • Personal spending money for transfer between Kuzikus and Windhoek organised by BRinK, personal shopping orders from Windhoek, and souvenirs
  • If you like reading with an eReader, we recommend the amazon kindle,as it has long battery life, works well outdoors and lots of books (also sciency ones) available (do note to get your books before you arrive in Namibia though)

Contact us:
[email protected]
+264 62 581614 (Namibia)
Facebook: our or

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