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We share the vision to locally guarantee the protection of the area and globally encourage the protection of biodiversity.

Johanna Reinhard (MSc Ecology)
PhD student @ University of Potsdam

Johanna is responsible locally for the research station in Namibia. Currently she is working on her PhD, with her field work based in Namibia. She takes students on her project to teach about ecological survey and field work with major focus on vegetation ecology and entomology in arid savanna.
Facebook: Johanna Brink-Namibia
[email protected]

David Schimrosczyk (PhD student @ MiiZ Warsaw)

As a specialist in taxonomy, David runs entomological expeditions with BRinK students in Namibia. He is currently finishing his Ph.D. in tenebrionid beetle systematics.

Contact :
[email protected]

Alison Skeats (BSc Zoology)
Field and lab technician @ University of Exeter

Ali runs projects at BRinK in ornithology and she is responsible for PR work and the BRinK newsletter.

[email protected]

Joana Nunes (MSc. Behavioural Ecology)
Marine ecology lab technician

Joana graduated from the University of Edinburgh in Zoology together with Ali and Johanna. She helped to establish BRinK and occasionally runs projects in Namibia mainly on animal behaviour. She has the position of a technician in a marine ecology lab in Falmouth, UK.
At BRinK she is responsible for the adminstration.
[email protected]

Friedrich Reinhard (PhD. Microbiology)

Fritz supports BRinK in analytical and practical work on site and occasionally takes students on field trips.

[email protected]

Berend Reinahrd (MSc. Ecology, Natural Resource Management)
General Management Kuzikus

Berend manages the wildlife reserve which BRinK uses as a study site. Under his supervision he occasionally takes volunteers and students. He is a specialist in botany.

[email protected]

BRinK Location Research Projects Volunteers Visitors Apply Online About