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Why BRinK?

Biodiversity is the diversity of life and does not only have a enourmous intrinsic value to us, it is also responsible for our security and quality of life. We depend on clean water, food, medicine and the protection from natural catastrophes. Ecological footprint and human pressure add to the fast rate of biodiversity loss we are currently experiencing.

With the help of BRinK students we aim to achieve to contribute to the understanding of fragile savanna ecosystem in the Kalahari Desert, one of the last wildernes regions in the world. Furthermore, we are unique to students, as we are specialised in training them, so they

  1. obtain hands-on experience in field biology
  2. learn specialised research methods
  3. see behind the scences: field work design, scientific method, analysis and use of data
  4. understand the practical aspects of wildlife management
  5. work in a team and public awareness
  6. establish contacts for your future career
  7. of course, have FUN!

What students said about us:

  • "Now I know I want to be a biologist for sure!" (F.Oberli)
  • "Camping and field work in an amazing landscape and relaxed atmosphere was awesome for me" (C. Seppey)
  • "An unforgettable experience" (C. Stoffel)
  • "The best wildlife experience in my life" (P. Walther)
  • "Field research is the best, I definately want to make this my life!" (P. Rell)
  • "Namibia in Kuzikus/BRinK was amazing! An incredible experience with fantastic people" (N. Hazi)
"Red sand, green bushes, blue sky and many other colours hypnotize your sight constantly in the Kalahari desert. I wasn't well aware of the beauty of Namibia untill I went there. As a nature loving person you shouldn't miss the chance to live for once at least away from the mechanical loud noises and stressfull life and dive into the wilderness.

With the wonderful help and warmth of the people living there and the Brink staff it's just so easy to adapt to the new life style. The highlights were to get the chance to see the very endangered  hook-lipped Rhinoceros, a Jackal, young ostriches running and many other animals from so close but also the wonderful colors of the sunset and the amazing night sky! Never saw so many stars in the sky.

I enjoyed every moment in Kuzikus for me as a city living man was also the only chance to experience the fragility of being a human without claws, exceptional speed, smell or sight and for once not counting on "stuff". I guess living such an experience is something everybody should do also in order to support every efforts people make to protect our wonderful world."

Jamal Hanafi from ZĂ¼rich

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