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We locally guarantee the protection of Kalahari savanna and globally encourage conservation of biological and cultural diversity.
  • RESEARCH PROJECTS designed for undergrads and graduate biologists (4-week training course)
  • VOLUNTEER PROGRAMME for the local community, in applied ecology or local wildlife conservation (up to three months intern)

BRinK stands for Biological Research in Kuzikus. We are expert biologists on site;  university students, volunteers and researchers are welcome to join us to help us protect and maintain a piece of unspoilt Africa. Pupils of idea public schools have already joined us!


Current research at BRinK Namibia investigates the grazing impact of wildlife together with bushfire and rain on biodiversity using beetles as an indicator group.

Using an ecological experimental set-up with herbivore exclusion sites, we deliberately burn vegetation, wet and clip subplots, as well as remove litter, all factors considered important for beetle biodiversity patterns.

Here we have last weeks plots burned, hopefully mimicking real Kalahari bushfires!

Contact us:

[email protected]

+264 62 581614 +264 62 581614 (Namibia)

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